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About World Sports

World Sports Web Site was launched on July 18 2002 and was found by Denise Moore, Kirk Black and Symone Gordon. We started out proving news and results on Golf, Soccer and Track and Field, but we were getting a lot of news wired to us by newspapers and other sites and so we decided to make the web site an open one.

The team headed by Denise is proud to be your full time sports media. We are not a specialized web site, but we provide more coverage of some sports than others. If there are major track and field or soccer competition we will provide as much live coverage as possible.

We have a program call Soccer Saturday, and this means "live video coverage" of MLS Soccer and play- by- play commentary of other games around the world. We also provide coverage of major cricket games

World Sports is also in partnership with Yahoo Sports who provides us with some of the latest news and results. It is nice to know that you can get scores or watch live sports on your computer, and that's what we do.

World Sports is also co-sponsor of the Miami Adorn Games and The Wade Jackson Invitational. We hope that our service has been using to all our viewers and we hope to continue doing so. We also have a new
Forum and we hope that everyone will express themselves there.

If there are any item on this site you think could be improve don't hesitate to send an e-mail at worldsporps52@yahoo.com.


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